Ideas Lane

Each important change starts with an idea

 Ideas Lane

As part of our effort to raise funds for Kiryat Elga, we are launching
the "Ideas Lane" campaign. This campaign will enable donors to
become active participants in the establishment of Kiryat Elga.
"Ideas Lane" is a walkway surrounding Kiryat Elga. It is designed
for the use and leisure of the residents and visitors. You may
donate to Kiryat Elga by purchasing the stones composing this
path. You will be able to select quotations that
reflect the spirit of this unique place; we will engrave it on these
stones alongside your names or the names of your loved ones.

currently you can purchase stones in this size and price:

40x40 cm 5,000 NIS

With your donation you will become active participants in the
transformation of this vision into reality. "Ideas Lane" will
circulate the neighbourhood and bear witness to your faith
in this social vision and to your generous contribution. It will
also grant you or your loved ones with a public exposure of
the donation.
Furthermore, each donor will be given a shield of appreciation
for his contribution. 

A special  dontation page with quotations for your choice will soon be online.

for more details
 contact Yael
Telephone: 03-5351344
Email: [email protected]