Day Center

Currently, the central project of Alin Beit Noam is its Elga Cegla Day Center in Kiryat Ono. The day center was established in 1986 at the initiative of parents who discovered that at the age of 21, their adult children were no longer eligible for public special education programs.  These parents sought to fill this gap and created a center that provides a much needed service to adults.  Today, this center serves over 70 members with complex and severe intellectual and physical disabilities.
Our committed team of experts and professionals has turned Alin Beit Noam’s Day Center into an example and role model for diverse professionals from Israel and abroad

The uniqueness of the Day Center is apparent immediately upon entering our Kiryat Ono facility.

Our leadership in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Among the distinguishing factors of Alin Beit Noam is our commitment to support every person in achieving a meaningful life. The application of these values is especially prominent in the communication center.

Because of the complexity of the disabilities members are living with, the majority of them have difficulty communicating by pronouncing words. Alin Beit Noam aims to enable every member to speak in their own way and has thus developed various solutions to promote self-expression, communication, and participation
Members, those who are able to be aided by it, are personally accompanied and supported by a communication facilitator. The communication facilitator assists the member in understanding the content of a given conversation as well as repeats the words being said by the member out loud.

Alin Beit Noam provides various means of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Examples of AAC available to our members include a communication board that contain special symbols and tailored technology that transmits messages in accordance with the will of the member.
AAC is an organic part of our local system and thus, the approach and various means are implemented and utilized in all the activities in our Day Center. Today, people from outside Alin Beit Noam are able to come and benefit from the experience and expertise of our staff in the field of AAC. For additional information see The Center for AAC and Assistive Technology.

Alin Beit Noam Kiryat Ono, does everything within its power to provide its members with all of the necessary solutions to address their needs.  To this end, the Day Center utilizes the most advanced technology.

Staff  members continuously work on developing rehabilitative devices to enable people with disabilities to function as independently as possible and utilize their unique abilities to contribute to the world in which they live.

Original Innovations

  • Flat Basin – A basin designed in order to allow easy access and use to a person in a wheelchair.
  • Camera – A photography and videography system that allows remote access by independent switches.
  • Computer Keyboard – a keyboard that allows people with severe disabilities to utilize a computer  through switches
  •  Irrigation System – An irrigation system that is adapted for use by a person in a wheelchair. The system is comprised of water and electrical power pumps that are activated through a hand switch.
  • Translation Software Icons – the computer software "Board Maker" was developed in the United States to allow for the creation of communication boards. Alin Beit Noam staff members translated this program into Hebrew and Arabic.

Alin Beit Noam’s various developments and innovations serve the members of the Day Center and hundreds of other children and adults with disabilities throughout Israel.

Alin Beit Noam offers a wide range of quality programs and activities

Alin Beit Noam’s Day center provides members with rehabilitative, occupational and social support which enhances their opportunity to live a full and fulfilling life. The range of activities the Day Center offers its members is expansive and includes:


In the Employment Unit of the Day Center  members work in various jobs such as sorting and packing, office work, silk screening, terrarium maintenance, gardening, and operating a kiosk. The accessibility and wide range of activities, both in and out of the Day center, provide diverse vocation opportunities to many members. Integration into the workforce allows members to be active, creative, and contributing members of the community. The members are remunerated for their work. At the end of every month, they choose what to purchase with the amount at their disposal and a group of members goes out to the shopping center to do the purchasing on behalf of all of the members.

Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Groups

In light of the value and contribution of group dynamics, the Day Center offers many unique therapeutic groups. These groups are diverse and each one has a different emphasis. The point of all of the groups is on the psychological and emotional needs of the members. The groups are designed to assist the members in coping with different issues such as questions of identity, desires, relationships, integration in the community and the loss of friends and family. In the therapeutic group framework, members are given the opportunity to enhance and strengthen their abilities, express their doubts and insecurities, and gain the tools to cope with, and improve, their social skills.


Creative activities such as painting, music, and dance enable members of Alin Beit Noam to discover and develop new talents, skills, hobbies, and ways of expressing themselves and their feelings. A portion of the artistic creations of the members are for sale to the community, and thus the contribution is doubled.

Petting Zoo

Members run the Day Centers' petting zoo. Working at the petting zoo gives members the opportunity to be responsible and care for animals. For people who are dependent on others in their day to day life, this provides a unique opportunity to experience different dynamics. These activities allow members to expand their world, encounter phenomena that occur in nature, and to learn about the protection and preservation of the environment.   

Snoezelen and Alternative Treatments

Snoezelen is a space specifically designed to be relaxing, secure, and a convenient healing place for those in it.  The integration of music, lighting, vibration, sensation, touch and smell allows members to experience pleasurable sensory experiences that have an intense calming effect. The Snoezelen space is also used for alternative therapies that are provided to our members such as shiatsu and meditation.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists supports each member in gaining as much independence as they are able to in their lives. In accordance with the principles of occupational therapy, members' strengths and capabilities are emphasized and are harnessed for meaningful activities. The environment is an essential element in this process and as such, is adapted and made accessible to enable the accomplishment of the desired activities.

Speech Therapy

The majority of Alin Beit Noam’s members have difficulties with their speech and thus, are able to greatly benefit from augmentative and assistive technology. Our team of speech therapists appreciates the capabilities and disabilities of each individual member, and adapts their various means and modalities accordingly. Speech therapists give members the tools and knowledge to maximize their abilities, to enable them to express themselves in all areas of their lives. Simultaneously, speech therapists train our staff members to be communication facilitators and support those who need with the suitable means of communication that we have available.

Physical Therapy

In order to allow the members of Alin Beit Noam to maximize their physical capacity, various forms of physical therapy are provided. Services include respiratory physiotherapy and orthopedic treatments aimed at reducing pain, achieving range of motion, rehabilitation, focusing on improving daily functioning, and preservative treatments geared to maintaining physical capability.


The Day Center has an accessible heated therapeutic pool that is designed according to the principles of Universal Design. Hydrotherapy treatment contributes greatly to the body and mind and strengthens self-esteem and improves quality of life. Hydrotherapy services are also available to the wider community. Click here for more details.

Family Assistance

The recognition of the significance of a person’s place in the community obligates us to support not just the individual member themselves but rather their families and their community environment as well.   To this end, our Day Center operates a system of advocacy and support for the families of our members. This program includes: ongoing assistance and support from social workers, advice and guidance from paramedical staff, access to custom medical equipment, and therapeutic support groups for parents and siblings facilitated by psychologists and therapeutic group leaders.

Acting in the Light of a Unique World View

Alin Beit Noam staff are not focused on disabilities or limitations but rather on each human being and their abilities. We believe that every person is born equal and worthy of respect, rights, and responsibility, with the right to live a full and fulfilling life.  This belief is applied in our Day Center in the ideology and practice of both the staff and members.

Guiding Principles

  • Our members comprise a heterogeneous group, as individuals are integrated with others from different backgrounds with diverse types and levels of ability.
  • Activities are designed and personalized for each member based on their individual needs, wants and abilities.
  • Participation, communication and self-expression are fundamental human rights, ones that are encouraged to be realized through various means and supports
  • The number of staff members is particularly high and stands at a ratio of approximately one staff person for each member
  • National Service workers and volunteers from abroad are a large and significant part of the Day Center staff. They allow for the much needed personal accompaniment and assistance.
  • Each staff member without exception, whether new employee or senior, academic or volunteer, perform all of the types of work required including professional, educational, and nursing activities.
  • Staff members are involved in the initiation and development of new working methods, technological aids, and in providing quality professional services to people with disabilities. 

The world view that guides the Day Center staff permeates the other projects we run as well, including the respite care services and community housing