Amalia Park

Amalia Park is an adventure park for people with and without disabilities. The park will include recreational and challenging activities for the entire population, including people who use wheelchairs.                             

The adventure park will include a wide range of recreational facilities and playgrounds. It will be built according to principles of Universal Design and will be geared for the use and enjoyment of both adults and children with and without disabilities. We believe that the joint activities of leisure, play, and challenge will help promote and support acceptance of 'others' and social integration.

The park will welcome both families and individual visitors and will be available for organized group activities as well. The park will offer challenging recreational and rehabilitative activities (Adventure Therapy), as well as activities and workshops, and will foster team training and development.

Three Levels of the Park:

  1. Ground level – will have swings, water activities and ground facilities.
  2. Middle Level – will a have facilities that are at an intermediate level of difficulty including slides, rope climbing and a low rope track. 
  3. Upper Level – will hold the challenging activities including rappelling, flying fox, difficult rope course, wall climbing, tower climbing, and rope bridges.

In addition to the outdoor facilities, the park will also include an air conditioned building that will allow continued operations in the harsh summer months or rainy season.

The park will be a part of a recreation center, and those who come to the park will be able to benefit from the additional services at Elga Campus. These services include a sports and recreation center, paramedical services, coffee house, and art gallery