Community Housing

Since 1997, Alin Beit Noam Kiryat Ono has been operating community housing for many of the members of our Elga Cegla Day Center. The establishment of community housing for a population of adults with severe and complex intellectual and physical disabilities is a breakthrough in Israel. The apartments were opened in response to the growing needs of these individuals and their families. The purpose is to allow members to live in the community and advance their independence and quality of life.

Technical Details

  • Currently community housing at Alin Beit Noam comprises four detached homes 
  • The houses are located in various neighborhoods in Kiryat Ono in close proximity to the Day Center. 
  • Apartments have been renovated  and adapted to the needs of the members
  • Each unit is home to five students
  • Three staff members are assigned to each home
  • There are one or two members living in each room. This is done to ensure that each member has their own personal space.
  • The housing is operational in the afternoon hours continues to the next morning. Once a month members stay in the apartments over the weekend.

Members conduct their daily lives in the apartments, whether it is personal activities or social/group ones. Life in the apartment is shared, including meal preparation and recreational activities. At the same time, privacy and personal space are valued and respected. Within the apartment, each member receives personal attention as their hobbies and preferences are considered and emphasized. Members are actively and mutually involved in decision making and management in the apartment. For example, members are responsible for meal preparation, cleaning, and shopping. Each member participates and contributes according to their interests and abilities.