National Institute for Research and Training

The National Institute for Research and Disability Studies will be conduct research, training, consciousness raising and disseminating knowledge on three main issues: developmental disabilities, Disability Studies, and Universal Design. 

Training activities at Alin Beit Noam have started and have until now taken place in Alin Beit Noam Kiryat Ono. In addition, a knowledge center operates online, allowing access to various materials in the field of Disability Studies. The majority of our research activities will be moved to the Elga Campus. This research will include various types of research that stem from critical social theory and Disability Studies as well as those that grow from practitioners and the field.

The Institute building will include:

  • Two classrooms
  • A library
  • Research rooms
  • Seminar rooms
  • Laboratory
  • Secretariat room

Researchers from abroad will be able to stay in the campuses guest apartments Large-scale events will take place in the Day Centers’ multipurpose hall.