Art Gallery

The art gallery at the Elga Campus will display art that deals with important social issues and acceptance of diversity. Visual art has the power to raise awareness about issues that are silenced, to invite questions, and to stimulate critical thinking. The encounter with unorthodox visual images creates unique moments of wonder, reflection, doubt, and emotion. The viewer becomes able to see the artist from a new perspective.

Stemming from the desire to stimulate and provoke different and critical thinking about disabilities, the Elga Campus will contain an art gallery. Artists both with and without disabilities will be invited to display works that pertain to the social, cultural, or political aspects of disabilities. Among other things the gallery will present exhibitions that feature critical messages about the place of and relationships between people with disability and society. 

This unique art exhibition will serve as a mode of self-expression of these select people with disabilities and will give them an opportunity to have their creative expression recognized. This exhibition of creative artwork will give a platform and voice to these unique points of view.  This work will have the potential to change the perspectives about people with disabilities and conceptions of their status and place within society.

The art gallery will serve as a place for meeting, dialogue and collaboration between people with and without disabilities. Additionally, it will allow for artistic recognition, irrespective of disability.

Visitors to the art gallery will be allowed to benefit from additional facilities at Elga Campus. They will be able to enjoy the facilities at Amalia Park, enjoy a pampering treatment at the Sports and Recreation Center or to sit for a light and tasty meal at the Café.