Hydrotherapy is a treatment method performed in a heated pool. Hydrotherapy utilizes the unique healing properties and benefits of water for the purpose of rehabilitation and treatment. Hydrotherapy can make a significant contribution to improve a persons' quality of life. It also provides unique opportunities for feelings, experiences, and achievements that cannot be accessed outside of water.

Hydrotherapy treatment has significant physical effects. The warmth (temperature of 34 degrees Celsius) and the pressure of the water helps relax muscles, ease pain, and increases body balance and range of motion. Additionally, water resistance allows for the strengthening of muscles without the weight of the body pressing on the often sensitive joints.

Hydrotherapy treatment affects those who utilize it on emotional and social levels, in ways that last during and beyond the actual treatment.  Treatment in water can help develop social skills, independence and self-confidence. The water enables diverse and calming sensory stimulation and experiences.

Treatments in our pool are provided by professional physiotherapists and hydrotherapists.  The pool is open to both members and the general public. The pool was designed according to the principles of Universal Design and allows for people with different abilities, including people with severe disabilities, convenient and accessible entrance into the water.