Sports and Recreation Center

The Sports and Recreation Center for people with and without disabilities, will serve the residents of the Elga Campus and members of the broader Sharon community as well.

The Sports and Recreation center at the Elga Campus is being built as a space for people with different abilities to exercise. Planned facilities will be designed appropriately to accommodate the bodies of people with complex disabilities and geared as well to the wider population. We believe that joint activities between people with and without disabilities will promote social integration


  • Two heated pools, one for swimming and one for hydrotherapy. The adjoining pool areas will include among other things a Jacuzzi and a child care area.
  •  A fitness center, including facilities accommodating individuals who use a wheelchair.
  • Three treatment rooms; two dry and one wet. These rooms will be used for complementary treatments such as shiatsu, reflexology and therapeutic massage.
  • A gym that will allow for para-olympic games including basketball, volleyball, table tennis.
  • Grass lawns.

Visitors to the Sports Center are welcome to benefit from the rest of our Elga Campus facilities including Amalia Park – a challenging adventure park, paramedical treatment, coffee house, and art gallery