Vacation Units

Our vacation center includes two accessible individual apartment units that are adapted to accommodate visitors with disabilities from throughout Israel and abroad. Guests at our Respite Center are invited to benefit from all of the services at Elga Campus.

Main Goals:

  • Respite care for members
  • To provide families with a break from their daily care provision. 

Respite services will include two separate and different sized units. One of the units will consist of six bedrooms and will accommodate two people per room for a total of twelve people. The second unit will consist of two bedrooms and will accommodate up to four people. These units are accessible for people with all different types of abilities.

Respite services allow individuals and groups of children or adults with and without disabilities to stay at Elga Campus for short periods of time.  In addition to sleeping accommodations, visitors will be welcomed to benefit from the other services on the Elga Campus including meals at our coffee house, use our sports center, and to enjoy the Amalia Park.